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Riverside Health Care’s greatest strength is our skilled team of employees with the common goal of delivering exceptional quality health care services across the Rainy River District. We support a safe and healthy work environment where each person is valued, respected and where personal and professional growth is encouraged. We are always seeking dedicated individuals who share our values of integrity, being accountable, caring, and progressive.

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At Riverside Health Care Facilities, administration is responsible for overseeing the organizational side of health services. This helps to ensure we are providing the best care possible by working as a team with a robust and multidimensional skillset. This branch includes but is not limited to Senior Leadership, Human Resources, Health Records and Patient Information, Physician Recruitment and Communications.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Casual ClerkPart-timeAdministration04-2023
Full-Time Security ManagerFull-timeSecurity Manager53-2023

Community-Based Services


Community-based services are an integral part of Riverside Health Care, as it creates a connection between the vulnerable population and health care. These services enable community members to remain independent as well as staying healthy and safe. This branch includes but is not limited to Home Support Workers, Assisted Living Support, Diabetic Services and Mental Health and Addiction Services.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Adult Day WorkerPart-timeCommunity Support Services45-2023
Handivan DriverCasual/Part-timeTransportation67-2021
Handi-Van DriverPart-timeTransportation51-2023
Home Support WorkerCasual/Part-timeCommunity-Based Services12-2021
Home Support Worker - AtikokanCasual/Part-timeCommunity Support Services50-2021
Residential Program WorkerCasual/Part-timeNon-Profit Supportive Housing61-2022

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services


We are fortunate to have both Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services at Riverside Health Care. Our Diagnostic services allow us to identify problems, diagnosis or illness and our Therapeutic services allow us to help prevent, treat, and provide healing. This branch includes but is not limited to Ultrasound Technicians, Medical Radiology Technologist, Occupational Therapists and Activity Workers.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Casual Activity AssistantFull-timeDiagnostic and Therapeutic Services42-2020
Part Time Activity WorkerPart-timeDiagnostic and Therapeutic Services49-2022
Part Time Interim SonographerPart-timeDiagnostic and Therapeutic Services53-2020
Social Worker – Behavioural SupportsFull-timeDiagnostic and Therapeutic Services18-2023

Environmental Services


Environmental Services is the process of highly trained support staff to perform medical cleaning and disinfecting to keep patients, clients, residents, and staff members healthy and safe. Our Environmental Services staff plays an integral role in the first line of defense against infection control. This branch includes but is not limited to housekeeping, cleaners, and laundry aides.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Casual CleanerFull-timeEnvironmental and Food Services49-2021
Casual Housekeeping AideFull-timeEnvironmental and Food Services48-2023
Casual Laundry AideFull-timeEnvironmental and Food Services44-2022
Housekeeping AideCasual/Part-timeEnvironmental and Food Services18-2021
Housekeeping AideCasual/Part-timeEnvironmental and Food Services46-2023
Part-Time CleanerPart-timeEnvironmental and Food Services56-2023
Part-Time CleanerPart-timePart-Time Cleaner63-2023
Part-Time Interim CleanerPart-timeEnvironmental and Food Services57-2023
Part-Time Interim Housekeeping + Specialty AreaPart-timeInterim Housekeeping + Specialty Area64-2023

Food Services


Food Services at Riverside Health Care are responsible for the provision of meals, snacks and related services to patients, residents, staff, and visitors in all our health care facilities. This is aimed at ensuring all items are varied, nutritious and suit the needs of all individuals. This branch includes but is not limited to Certified Chefs, Food Service Workers, and Food Service Aides.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Casual CookFull-timeFood and Nutrition34-2023
Casual Food Service WorkerFull-timeFood and Nutrition47-2023
Casual Food Service WorkerPart-timeFood and Nutrition64-2021
Clinical Dietitian Full Time – InterimFull-timeFood and Nutrition33-2022
Food Service WorkerCasual/Part-timeFood Services18-2019
Food Service WorkerFull-timeFood Services35-2019
Food Service WorkerCasual/Part-timeEnvironmental and Food Services49-2023
Full Time Food Service AideFull-timeFood and Nutrition33-2023
Part Time Food Service WorkerPart-timeFood and Nutrition63-2021
Part-Time Cooks AssistantPart-timeFood and Nutrition05-2023

Laboratory Services


Our Laboratory provide a wide range of procedures that aid in carrying out quality testing to help address diagnosis and treatments and provide access to both physicians and patients at Riverside. This branch includes but is not limited to Medical Laboratory Technologist and Technicians.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Medical Laboratory TechnologistFull-timeMedical Laboratory Technologist50-2023

Maintenance and Stores


Our Maintenance and Stores departments play an important role in our facilities, ensuring that we are following and maintaining best practices to deliver outstanding service. This department ensures reliability while managing day-to-day maintenance operations and resources. This branch includes but not limited to Electrician, Repairman, Buyers, and Material Handlers.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Biomedical TechnologistFull-timeMaintenance58-2023
Casual MaintenanceFull-timeMaintenance22-2022
Casual RepairmanPart-timeMaintenance21-2023
Casual Seasonal Maintenance Worker (Student)Part-timeMaintenance40-2023
Casual Seasonal Maintenance Worker (Student)Part-timeMaintenance41-2023
Casual Stores ClerkPart-timeCasual Stores Clerk54-2023
Full Time Engineer IVFull-timeMaintenance11-2022
Full-Time Maintenance I WorkerFull-timeMaintenance20-2023
Full-Time RepairmanFull-timeMaintenance62-2023



Nursing at Riverside Health Care serves our communities in many ways and has many different roles. Our Nurses promote healthy lifestyles, advocate for patients, direct care, and case management. This branch includes but is not limited to Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, and specialized nursing such as Chemotherapy and Critical Care Units.


Job TitleStatusDepartmentJob Op #
Casual Health Care Aid/Personal Support workerFull-timeNursing52-2023
Casual Reception ClerkFull-timeNursing39-2023
Casual Registered Practical NursePart-timeNursing16-2021
Casual Ward Clerk (ClerkIII)Full-timeNursing10-2022
Full Time Health Care AttendantFull-timeNursing59-2023
Full Time Health Care AttendantFull-timeNursing65-2022
Full Time Interim Registered Nurse - PerioperativeFull-timeNursing60-2022
Full Time Nurse PractitionerFull-timeNursing40-2022
Full Time Nurse PractitionerFull-timeNursing53-2022
Full Time Nurse PractitionerFull-timeNursing54-2022
Full Time Registered Nurse – ChemotherapyFull-timeNursing38-2023
Full Time Registered Nurse – Emergency DepartmentFull-timeNursing19-2022
Full Time Registered Nurse - ObstetricalFull-timeNursing59-2022
Full Time Registered Nurse – ObstetricalFull-timeNursing29-2022
Full Time Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing39-2022
Full Time Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing58-2022
Full Time Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing69-2022
Full-time Interim – Assistant Director of CareFull-timeNursing11-2023
Full-Time Interim Registered NurseFull-timeNursing05-2021
Full-Time Interim Registered Practical NurseFull-time InterimNursing07-2023
Full-Time Interim Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing22-2023
Full-Time Interim Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing36-2023
Full-Time Registered NurseFull-timeNursing08-2023
Full-Time Registered NurseFull-timeNursing59-2021
Full-Time Registered NurseFull-timeNursing73-2020
Full-Time Registered Nurse – Med/SurgFull-timeNursing25-2023
Full-Time Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing43-2023
Full-Time Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing66-2022
Full-Time Ward ClerkFull-timeNursing61-2023
Health Care AttendantPart-timeNursing46-2020
Health Care AttendantPart-timeNursing48-2021
Nurse Practitioner / Emergency Department Supervisor (Full time, Part Time and Casual positions available).Full-time
Nursing SupervisorFull-timeNursing61-2020
Part Time Perioperative Registered NursePart-timeNursing35-2022
Part Time Perioperative RN (ONA 81 Hospital)Part-timeNursing37-2023
Part-Time Interim Health Care Aid/Personal Support workerPart-timeNursing42-2023
Part-Time Registered Nurse - Resource FloatPart-timeNursing06-2023
Part-Time Registered Practical NursePart-timeNursing01-2023
Part-Time Registered Practical NursePart-timeNursing23-2023
Part-Time Ward ClerkPart-timeNursing55-2023
Part-Time Ward ClerkPart-timeNursing60-2023
Personal Support Worker/Health Care AttendantFull-timeNursing51-2021
Pharmacy TechnicianCasual/Part-timeLabroatory and Pharmaceutical Services32-2021
Registered NurseCasual/Part-timeNursing23-2019
Registered NurseFull-timeNursing39-2020
Registered NursePart-timeNursing41-2021
Registered NurseFull-timeNursing44-2018
Registered NurseFull-time InterimNursing44-2023
Registered NursePart-timeNursing45-2020
Registered Nurse - Intermediate Care UnitFull-timeNursing54-2021
Registered Nurse - Resource FloatFull-timeNursing43-2021
Registered Practical NurseFull-time InterimNursing19-2021
Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing21-2021
Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing34-2021
Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing40-2020
Registered Practical NursePart-timeNursing48-2020
Registered Practical NurseFull-timeNursing57-2018
Registered Practical NursePart-timeNursing74-2020